Earn Money Shopping with Phone Apps

Earn extra income from shopping will the easiest thing you ever had to do![spacer height=”20px”]

If you’re wondering if this is it, the price is the lowest I can find, well it’s not!  A lot of times there is rebates on the items that you are purchasing.  If and when you become an expert and looking for rebates, the purchase will become free or at least next to nothing.  With that said, would you purposely purchase an item because it is free? Of course, why not!

In case your wondering…

You’re probably thinking yes, I already do this.  I know already that most people use rebate websites to earn back there purchases, congrats you just started.  If I told you there is a system you can put in place would you be interested?  There are so many reward websites and apps out there its sometimes hard to keep track. I like to call it The Reward System!  Surfing online can take hours and ultimately time-consuming.  Spending hours saving 10 dollars is a waste of time and money.

So let’s begin!

I like to think of the reward system as a spiderweb of deals.  To give you fair warning this is going to be a very long post, so grab some snacks and bookmark this page!!.  The simplest way I can explain redeeming rewards when you shop will be in steps. I will need to break it into a few blog posts to make the reading easier.  By the end of this, you could already be saving money on the purchases you already made.

What’s the Reward System?

It’s something I’m calling the returns you get from stacking rewards after purchases.  If you are familiar with the rewards you subscribe to like at a grocery store, then it would be the same concept.  I mean, would you shop there now without your store’s card? Probably not.  If I forget my card when you shop I get this bad feeling in my stomach that I wasted money, ugh horrible.  I’ve put stuff back on the shelf that I need only to return back with my card and coupons.  Do I have a problem? I guess, an issue with wasting money.

You also might be a credit card holder, and one of the perks is points.  Usually, you can cash out with gift cards, airplane mileage and etc.  This was the convincing point to justify you using the card, am I right?


Take advantage of the deals and stack them.  Earn money back on necessary purchases and the items  you have to buy.  You can earn money back on food, expenses, savings, and gifts. the point is to look for the best deal and to stack the offers.

How do you Earn?

Becoming a member is how you began to start earning money back.  The subscriptions start with either an email sign-up or a form to fill out.  The rewards vary by customer loyalty, the length of being a subscribed customer.  You can earn by submitting surveys and reviews of you shopping experience which will increase better customer service.  What’s the downfall, consistency, most retailers use your purchases to track the items you buy.  If you are not consistent with the use of the apps or subscription, you will not receive as many rewards as an shopper that uses their services more frequently.

Is it a waste of time? Not really

I would be lying if I told you it super quick and easy.  In the beginning, its time consuming, but after you are used to it it’s easy.  Let’s talk about your finances if you set aside a budget every month for categories besides bills you can capitalize on it.  If you spend a 1,000 dollars a month on the variable expenses by the end of the year it will be $12,000.   If you had to spend this much by the year anyways getting back 10% is extra money earned regardless.  A hundred and twenty dollars is small but its extra in your pocket, but we are going to get a lot more back than that.   The minimum percentage is usually around ten percent from people that subscribe to one or two reward systems and if you are a beginner that is normal.

So if I convince you, read the next post. It’s time to start earning money back.  The price you see could not be the bottom price, Its worth the time to save!


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