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All the Hacks that every online shopper should know!

Doesn’t everyone want to save money when they have to buy something? If you’re like, “um, doesn’t make a difference to me,” I’m sure if someone were to offer you a discount on something you already planned on buying, you wouldn’t turn it down. Today I want to share my money-saving tips for a shopping site that already has good prices, Amazon!

Amazon has been growing increasingly popular due to their deals, fast shipping, and great customer service. Not to mention how many times you’ve heard someone say: I’ll order it on Amazon” because it’s just that easy. The online catalog of products is massive; you can pretty much order anything on Amazon.

So how can you save even more money? First, you should be a Prime member. I’ll tell you how to save on that and what are the actual benefits. Next, consider signing up for an Amazon rewards card, if not other ways to pay and save. Lastly, I’ll be listing tips on how to find deals and discounts.

Who’s ready to dive in?!

Become a Prime Member

You have might already see a ton of ads and promotions to join Amazon Prime! You’re probably thinking, is it worth it? I mean, do I really need a membership? I can still shop without it. And that is true you can still shop but are you reaping the benefits! Of course, like myself, I was on the fence. It took me a while to take the plunge and join! Once I’ve joined, it was like a box just opened up with a bunch of prizes, free shipping, audible books, movies and videos, and music!

Every time you subscribe to something, you get that one service for that particular thing. Amazon prime gives you so much for less than the prices of other subscriptions.  After you see everything you get joining, you might want to cut off some of those other companies. Save to subscribe and save more to unsubscribe from other competitors.

So what exactly do you get when you join? 

Prime Benefits

Enjoy savings and early access deals that are available to only Prime members. This includes prime exclusive brands and deals.

When you have a new family, items get costly. Prime members save 20% off diapers and baby food. Another part of the Subscribe and Save, we will discuss more of that later in the article.

Prime members get to Read free

Explore thousands of free books, magazines, and audible books that are free. Check out these books on Kindle books or try a narration book on Amazon audible. I’m listening to one now while writing this article. 

Before you sign up for a photo storage subscription.

Amazon offers unlimited free photo storage for Prime members. Back up and share your photos without worrying about the data space. Add them to the amazon app and view them on all your devices.

Streaming Services

Amazon offers Movies, Tv, and exclusive Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Boys. Amazon-like Netflix is full and ready for the streaming competition. Enjoy the same benefits with one monthly subscription.  Explore tons of other movies at home or on the go.

Amazon offers Movies, Tv, and exclusive Amazon Originals like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Boys

Free Music

Stream over 2 million songs and ad-free. In the same subscription, you can listen to music on your Echo device and take your music anywhere with offline listening.

Free Shipping

  • Fast and Free shipping on Millions of items. Some prime member eligible items have next day delivery.
  • Choose the date of the delivery and receive updates on the arrival of your package.

Tip: Delivery times, including two-day delivery, have been delayed because of Covid. Having Prime does give your free delivery then without it. Check schedule times on the variety of the same product and pick out the one that allows you to receive it in a shorter time frame.

Same day delivery on Essentials

There are a ton of items that we need to purchase frequently like Toilet paper, toothpaste. Amazon Prime members can get essential items delivered on the same day. Take the worry away from the items you need! This offer is available in select cities as well as check availability in select cities.

Get free delivery for Groceries with Amazon Fresh and your local Whole Foods. This offer is available in select locations, see if where you live is applicable. You can get your food in a short time as of a couple of hours. 

Free delivery on Prescriptions

Prime members can stay at home and order their prescriptions from Amazon. Skip the pharmacy line and have your prescription as early as two days. No insurance, no problem, get exclusive savings when you pay without insurance.

Similar to most memberships, you get the Free Trial before you pay. Holidays are the perfect time to sign up for this trial! If you’ve been contemplating to join, you can still enjoy the benefit of everything Amazon has to offer. Christmas time is the most time period I spend shopping online, and my Amazon cart is full of present ideas. Don’t waste a moment taking advantage of the perks.


Amazon Rewards card Perks

Amazon has joined the store card bandwagon like other retailers offering their Amazon Rewards card by Visa. I know, I know another credit card, but here are the benefits. 5% Back on Amazon Think about it this way, you just saved money by getting a deal, used a coupon code, and still, you get unlimited 5% cashback! Looks like alot of wins all around. To sum it up, every time you spend $100, you will get $5 in free cash. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already spent a hundred dollars on Amazon within a month or two. Christmas time, forget it! A $100 plus more!

5% Back at Whole Foods

Whole Foods is now part of the Amazon Family. A store that is definitely popular for there fresh and organic selection. Even though sometimes Whole Foods can be pretty pricey, with the reward card, you can earn 5% cashback and whatever discounts are going on. When’s the last time you’ve earned 5% cashback on groceries?

2% Back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores

Get cashback on other purchases like gas stations, restaurants, and drugstores. You can earn 2% on all of those purchases and 1% on everything else. Since the Amazon Prime Rewards card is also a Visa card, you can use it everywhere. Amazon rewards have the same if not greater cashback rewards, just like other credit cards.

No Fees

I know WHAT? No fees! A lot of credit cards have an annual fee, but not Amazon. There is absolutely no fee. So while you are still thinking about the fee you just paid on that other credit card, now I think it’s time to switch. Anyone with good credit opportunities can get an Amazon Prime Card, so start earning by signing up. Even if you only shop every once in a while, you still have great cashback opportunities everywhere else! Tip: If you use your Amazon cashback credit to buy something on Amazon, you will not get cashback on that item.

Where to find the deals?

Did you ever walk into a store and tried looking for the Clearance section? Clearance items are discounted items, and we all love to grab a great deal. Now here’s the great part, Amazon has Warehouse deals! They call it Amazon Warehouse, where you can find discounted items. These are just like clearance. When they would be discounted for being minor damaged, refurbished, or just an unused return, they can still be good as new! If you still don’t like it, the same wonderful Amazon return policy applies. Got to love their customer service!

The only difficult part is that it’s hard to find. It won’t be just on the site when you first log in. A quick way is to type “Warehouse” in the search bar.  If you want to be directed to that page, click here!

I recommend shopping on Amazon Warehouse for more expensive items, like electronics, cooking ware, and furniture. Once you are on the page you can see a bunch of other most-shopped categories.

Take me to AMAZON Warehouse!

Grab out Outlet deal prices!

Yes, Amazon has an outlet section for discounted deals on products. It’s not like the Warehouse deals when these are probably used. It’s just discounted because there might be an overstock, older models, markdowns.  I love to go to this section to see if there’s anything I can save money on, especially for Christmas time! Just like the Warehouse, the outlet section is hard to find. Click here to navigate to Amazon Outlet!


 You also may have seen Amazon’s Lighting Deals! On the deals page, you will see products sold for less and any other promotions going on. They are discounted to sell them out fast! They usually have a time limit on them, so if you want to buy it, you have to grab it before it ends. 

Take me to Amazon Lighting Deals!

Subscribe and Save

Amazon has a subscription program eligible for prime members to save money on essential items. How it works is that you go to the Subscribe and Save section, select 5 items to add to the subscription, and save 15% on your entire purchase. You set the frequency and can cancel at any time! If you are wondering what is considered essential, items like paper towels, laundry detergent, pet food, and batteries. Save time and money by not having to head to the store for things. There are still many other items besides those I’ve named on their page. Check out all the items Here

Amazon has a subscription program eligible for prime members

Take me to Subscribe and Save!

For Prime members with small children, you can take advantage of the 20% off your entire purchase by Subscribing to Amazon Family. It’s similar to the other Subscribe and Save, add the items to your cart for reoccurring purchase. Get 20% off items like diapers and baby food. 

The other perks are:

  • 15 % off your Baby Registry items that people didn’t purchase
  • A Welcome Baby Registry box (Free) with a selection of different size products

Getting Discounts and Cashback 

Download a Chrome Extension for coupons before you check out of your Amazon cart, don’t forget to check for coupons. There is a chrome extension you can download to your browser to generate coupons on most shopping sites. WikiBuy by Capital One is an extension you can use to save money during checkout. It has access to thousands of coupons. Wikibuy will scan your cart to see if there is a coupon code for the product you are buying. If you are wondering if you need to have a Capital One card to take advantage of the deals, you don’t. Just search for Wikibuy on Google, and it will lead you to this extension. You can also try clicking here to download. The Wikibuy button will notify you when there is a code to apply, add it to your cart, and save some money.

Other Cashback or Coupon sites

Shopping through other cashback sites is worth the time and effort. I didn’t start to maximize my cashback potential until last year. On Ibotta alone, I’ve earned over $500 on alot of my purchases. Even if you don’t think you’ve purchased something to earn a credit on, it doesn’t hurt to scan your receipt. As far as online shopping goes, make sure you check to see if there are any Amazon cash back or coupon offers before you check out. If you want to save even more money on Amazon, I’ve listed a couple of my other cashback sites below. They are best for coupon codes, offers, and cashback. See how much you can save in your wallet by trying out each link.

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