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Thanksgiving Games and Family Activities found on Amazon

When you are almost at the finish line in Thanksgiving cooking your guests might be getting a little restless. And I think I would be referring to mostly the children. Sometimes putting on a movie won’t do the trick. I’ve found some kid-friendly games inspired for Thanksgiving. Keep the kids out of the kitchen and entertain with these items below. All of these items were found on Amazon so you can grab them for a really good price. Plus with Amazon prime, no need to worry about delivery time.

1. Thanksgiving Bingo

credit: Amazon

Sit the kids on the carpet or table with these Thanksgiving bingo cards. They have Thanksgiving-inspired pictures with fall leaves, turkey, and pumpkins. There are enough cards for 24 people, which is good for a large group.

2. Pin the Feather on the Turkey

credit: Amazon

Hang this up in on a nice big wall and line up the kiddies. This is just like any ol traditional pin the tail. The Thanksgiving version is having to pin the feathers on the Turkey. When the game is done leave it hanging as a wall decoration.

3. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

There are 4 Party games that are part of this Fall themed card pack. To name a couple there is What’s your Turkey name and Photo Scavenger hunt. Keep the adults and teens busy as well with these cards. I particularly like the Thankful card selection. It’s always good to think of gratitude on Thanksgiving day!

4. Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Scramble it up with some Thanksgiving word scramble. It has a very fall festive theme but it’s not super hard. There are 25 game cards enough for a lot of players. Make it a competition, let the winner be the first one to solve all the words!

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