What Gifts to buy on a Budget

Buying gifts this late in the race on a budget is tough. Time is running out and if your a deal sniffer like me you’re a little hesitant to shop. The theory I use is that I can find something better later, but you really can’t. And why is that?…because Christmas is almost here, time is ticking! So here are some tips and gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Remember it’s the thought that counts, so really think about it. There is one and only question I ask myself when I’m buying someone a gift: “If it fits their personality?” I’m justifying buying a gift on a budget if it really fits them. If you need help planning your Christmas list (click here), these tips are general for any occasion.

Now, let’s talk about the budget quickly then we can dig into ideas.

The Shopping Budget

Make a spending cap for each person on your list, its Christmas that doesn’t mean you have to buy THAT GIFT! I know it’s great but so is the thought of receiving a gift from you not how much it costs. Next you’ll be asking how much to spend on each person. Im pretty sure you don’t want to be giving the gift of dental floss, but I would suggest a dollar amount times by the years you’ve known them. Start making intial choices depending on your budget, for example; You’ve known this friend for 2 years and you’ve decided to pick 10 dollars so that’s 20 dollars for the gift. Keep in mind you will still be able to find a thoughtful gifts, it just takes effort. Lastly, just to add…I would personally would use this equation for people outside the members in your home.

Shopping for Christmas on a budget
Giftbags, shopping bags, Christmas presents

Following question, how not to go crazy on the love ones? Well you have to fill everything right?, the tree, the stocking. Here’s is my rule, one big gift and five smaller gifts for each child in my home. We are on a budget, but of course some exceptions you can probably do if you have a larger spending amount or fewer children. Stocking stuffers, less than $3.00 rule, they all should be small things anyways plus I usually find a ton of trendy things at Dollartree. With all those dollar items the stockings should almost bursting with candy and tiny things. Let’s not forgets the money or gift card envelope. If I’m visiting my family I do one card per house, like one for my sisters house and one for moms house, not individually. And if you have older kids this is probably expected but a nice surprise would be to stick a handwritten enveloped letter with there name on it in the tree. They can pull it out as like the gift giving is not over yet, extra smiley faces.

What can I gain from this?

All in all, keep the overall budget in mind. Write down your expenses after each visit, and don’t be afraid to ask for two receipts. Plus you have to check for rebates after!!

Still overwhelmed with ideas flooding at you?… Let’s continue but now you’re going to have to break out your list.

If you’ve read my blog post on planning your shopping you should be halfway there on the budget train. This list will be your “Christmas list” So you’ve looked through the flyers, clicked some rebates and should be ready to add items to your list

What gifts to buy your Baby

Awww,the middle ones…so cute. These gifts are listed top ideas for online and in store. All prices should be reasonable and don’t forget about EBATES, you’ll love it!

What gifts to buy a baby for Christmas
Baby playing with Toys
  • Educational or Musical Toys, some usually include foams shapes, wooden toy stackable, Look and Finds or Peek-a-boo, and never say no to a book! A child library only grows with age.
  • Buy something in there next stage in growth, next level. Most toys have stages by age outside the product.
  • Buying up at an age in clothing doesn’t hurt. If you know the mom, figure out their favorite character their little one loves.
  • Monogramed items, Moms love these as gifts, most of them hold on to them as keepsakes.

Favorite places to shop for Babies:

  1. Buy buy Baby
  2. Target
  3. Walmart
  4. JC Pennys
  5. Amazon

What gifts to buy the older kids:

What gifts to buy kids for Christmas
Kids playing, jumping, pillow fight

Around the ages, 5 and up they are really active and energy packed. They have come into their personalities and know what they want. And at this point yes..they have a favorite character still, which are usually from a movie or music artist they are obsessed with, so let’s start with that. They are more independent and shine as individuals.

Should we say Marvel or Barbie…guess it looks like we are going to have to do Boy vs. Girls gifts


  • Music media, something to listen to music to or with.
  • Action figures, or animals (dinosaurs) something to do a pretend fighting sequence with. If they are older try more of a collectible figurine.
  • The owwie goowwie stuff, slime, play-doh
  • It drives fast or it flies: cars, trucks, and planes!!
  • If you build it, they will come, in the form of Legos
  • Games, Games and more games, whether is card duels or gaming console playing, electronics are number one!


  • The artist in her…Crafts, Jewelry making, Activity Sets
  • Playhouse, even as a little girl we naturally want to be like mommy so dolls, play pets…and playing pretend with a career as Barbie (always a classic)
  • Beauty for our older teen playing with cosmetics, or spa time with glittery nails.
  • Fashion for fun with their favorite character, hint maybe someone from the Disney channel
  • The fun thing about being a girl, accessories…unicorn fuzzy hat, poop emoji purse just to name some.

Favorite places to shop for kids:

  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. Amazon
  4. Claire’s
  5. Justice
  6. Gamestop

What gifts to buy your Boyfriend

Useful and Easy maintenance is the first two things I would keep in mind. You want to buy him something he needs but didn’t know he needed it, Lightbulb!

What gifts to buy your boyfriend for Christmas
Girlfriend leaning on boyfriend


  • You can dress “Ken” too, no I’m just joking but if you are familiar with his style you know he doesn’t just need socks. A nice hat or scarf is useful. What?! You need him to keep warm!
  • Modernize you man, buy an attachment to the loads electronics he has already. Watch bands for his smartwatch, wireless earphones for the gym. Portable charger banks for his devices.
  • Sentimental memory items to take him back to childhood. Original Starwars figurine, old comic character series he use to have. Classic arcade or gaming consoles are a hit.
  • Funny items that fits his personality. Yes he is mature but you know that one thing that make you think?…yes your such a nerd or a freakin goof ball. And those moments your like when did he become a redneck we live in New York? That’s when buying a belt with a handy beer can opener attachment becomes hilarious.
  • Tools, toys and gadgets…if there is a hobby he is into that is definitely gift number one! Hmmm should of said this in the beginning. Buy something he loves doing on the other hours you complain about he is spending time on, ironic uh huh
  • Add to his Vanity, how could he be vain he is a manly man…but he tries for you, so cologne and nice watch (not too nice, excuse me clearing my throat, kidding again, lol)

Favorite places to shop for Guys:

  1. Bestbuy
  2. Home depot
  3. Gamestop
  4. Amazon
  5. Cabela’s
  6. Apple store
  7. Ebay

What gifts to buy your Girlfriend

What gifts to buy your girlfriend for Christmas
Women with hand full of flowers

For the Ladies…(romantic voice)

What a girl want, what girls needs..Christina Aguilera said it! Oh man, the gift for the woman in your life, one question though, have you been a good listener? No she might not say it out loud unless it’s been a long long… long relationship, but she will make subtle hints.

  • Let’s start with hobby this time, is there the latest thing she has been into consuming her time and is inspiring her at this moment. Like photography, painting, crafting, You tube binging on makeup tutriols, let’s not exclude anything guys! Maybe even blogging…something she needs to help her succeed with her current passion. Paint brush kit, new camera bag to travel, a mirror with light bulbs to help her with see the makeup applications.
  • An experience, women love spending valuable time doing something fun or relaxing, spa gift certificate to a salon she just hasn’t been able to make it there because she is busy.
  • Diamonds, are still our best friends, we just don’t break up. One tip, choose the piece for the part of her body based on your relationship. Like in the early stages we start with the ears, then after solidarity the neck then after years we end at the between the wrist and the hands, I knew you would like that suggestion.

Favorite places to shop for Womens:

  1. Macy’s (practically any department store)
  2. Sephora or Ulta
  3. Amazon
  4. Anthropology, Urban Outfitters
  5. Bath and Body works, Yankee Candle
  6. Victoria secret
  7. Any Jewelry Store (Pandora, Kay jewelers, Michael’s)
  8. Target

Just to close for Shopping on a budget..

I know I haven’t gotten to grandma and aunt sue but these are just general ideas to give you motivation to jump on that list. I hope a lot of ideas gave you that “Oh yeah, I’ll try that!” but also I want you to not feel embarrass to buy something in your price range. Shopping on a budget for gifts this year will give you a sense of clear direction. Don’t stress and go shopping, if it helps by each person name write down little things you know about them or heard they are into. Bring the list to the store. Don’t be afraid to grab something just to return it after because you found it cheaper somewhere else, take the worry out of it. Enjoy shopping for these people you care about and smile your way into the New Year knowing you saved.

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